Poetry Salzburg Review No. 5

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 5 was published in Autumn 2003.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

M. J. Bender | Guy Birchard | Vuyelwa Carlin | Adrian Clarke | HannaH Ekberg | Susan Gevirtz | David Greenslade | Paul Groves | Jen Hadfield | Sheila Hamilton | Raymond Humphreys | Jenny Johnson | Rupert M. Loydell | Richard Martin | Gordon Meade | Billy Mills | Daniel Thomas Moran | Al Rocheleau | Geoff Sawers & Pete Hay | Iain Sinclair | Virgil Suárez | Deborah Tyler-Bennett | Bob Vance | Sue Walker | Sholeh Wolpé

Jorge Luis Borges (transl. by William Baer)
Egon Schiele (transl. by Will Stone & Anthony Vivis)
Miriam Van hee (transl. by Judith Wilkinson)

Douglas Barbour reviewing Lorine Niedecker's Collected Works
Guy Birchard on readings
Andrew Duncan on modern poetry
Graham High reviewing Daniel Thomas Moran's From Hilo to Willow Pond: New and Selected Poems.
Glyn Pursglove reviewing Martin Gray's Blues for Bird
Susanna Roxman reviewing Alice Oswald's Dart and Sue Walker's Blood Must Bear Your Name
Robert Sheppard reviewing Iain Sinclair's White Goods
Georgia Scott reviewing David Greenslade's Weak Eros
Scott Thurston interviewing Adrian Clarke
Scott Thurston on Adrian Clarke's poetry
Anthony Vivis on Egon Schiele as a poet

Cork International Poetry Festival
Introduction by Matthew Geden
Fergal Gaynor
Maurice Scully
Michael Smith
Geoffrey Squires
Keith Tuma

Matt Bryden, "Poetry Index", Orbis 127 (Winter 2003):

"This prestigious Austrian journal [...] is stimulating and logically compiled. The practice of grouping interviews with examples of the work discussed makes its debate accessible, and an enthusiasm for language, and playing with language, pervades the magazine. There is an enjoyable sense that contributors are engaged in a poetical debate with each choice of word. [...] Readers prepared to invest a little time might just be hooked."

Steve Anderson on PSR 5 at New Hope International Review On-Line:

"Standard of writing throughout this issue is meaty, technically superb and very broad-reaching. [...] perfectly observed poems on every possible topic. Poetry Salzburg Review is a definite winner."

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