Poetry Salzburg Review No. 4

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 4 was published in Spring 2003.
Robert Dassanowsky joined the Editorial Board of PSR with No. 4.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

Martin Anderson | Michael Armstrong | Anne Blonstein | Pat Earnshaw | Carrie Etter | Clive Faust | Jeremy Gadd | Christian Genzel | Dolores Guglielmo | Christopher Gutkind | Paul Holman | Tom Hubbard | Adam Johnson | Fred Johnston | Doug Jones | Peter Ben Jones | Jesse Lee Kercheval | James Kirkup | Kornel Kossuth | Richard Leigh | John Lemmon | Margaret Macaulay | Gui Mayo | Chris McCabe | Niall McGrath | Valeria Melchioretto | Stephen C. Middleton | David Miller | Markus Oppolzer | Brian Louis Pearce | Derek Stanford | John Wilkinson

Guillaume Apollinaire (transl. by James Kirkup)
Hans Arp (transl. by Rosmarie Waldrop)
Hervé Guibert (transl. by James Kirkup)
Else Lasker-Schüler (transl. by Esther Kinsky)
August Stramm (transl. by Will Stone & Anthony Vivis)
Georg Trakl (transl. by Will Stone)
Georg Trakl (transl. by Keith Waldrop)

Andrew Duncan reviewing Kelvin Corcoran's Your Thinking Tracts or Nations and When Suzy Was
Kenneth D. Farrow reviewing Alex Galloway's At the Year's Fa'. Selected Poems in Scots and English (ed. by Heidelinde Prüger)
Alan Gaunt on Brian Louis Pearce's poetry
Wolfgang Görtschacher on Adam Johnson
Graham High reviewing R.L. Cook's Waiting for the End
Alexis Lykiard, extracts from Jean Rhys Afterwords
David Malcolm reviewing Richard Caddel's Magpie Words. Selected Poems 1970-2000
David Miller's "A Guide for the Perplexed"
William Oxley reviewing Pat Earnshaw's The Golden Hinde
Scott Thurston interviewing John Wilkinson
Scott Thurston on the poetry of John Wilkinson

Tony Frazer on PSR 4 in Shearsman 54:

"It's an interesting issue, and somewhat bewildering in its range. [...] If this is how all PSR issues turn out, then it's worth a second look."

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