Poetry Salzburg Review No. 12

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 12 was published in Autumn 2007.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

Christopher Barnes | Anjana Basu | Jeffery Beam | Emily C. Belli | Robert James Berry | Iain Britton | Norman Buller | Sue Butler | Lucinda Carey | Glen Cavaliero | Alfred Celestine | Carl Davis | Peter Dent | D. M. de Silva | Stephen Devereux | Kevin Donnelly | Pat Earnshaw | Michael Frey | Arun Gaur | Michael Gerrard | Miriam Halahmy | Siobhan Harvey | Suzanne R. Harvey | Jeff Hilson | Jeremy Hilton | Charles Hobday | Danielle Hope | Daniel King | Philip Kobylarz | John Levy | Richard Martin | Pansy Maurer-Alvarez | Monica McFawn | W. S. Milne | Alan Jude Moore | Paul Muldoon | Kate Noakes | Alice Notley | Ruth O'Callaghan | Frances Presley | Oliver Rice | Robert Sheppard | Damian Smyth | Benjamin Stainton | Paul Stubbs | Susan Tepper | Mark Terrill | Hsien Min Toh | Alyson Torns | Justin Vicari | Michael Wright

Eino Leino (transl. by Pentti Rautaharju)
Marina Tsvetaeva (transl. by Belinda Cooke)
Contemporary Austrian Poetry (tr. by David Malcolm and Wolfgang Görtschacher): Ilse Aichinger, Robert Schindel, Peter Turrini

Fred Beake on Charles Hobday
William Bedford reviewing Paul Muldoon
D. M. de Silva reviewing Li-Young Lee, Jack Gilbert and Glen Cavaliero
Andrew Duncan reviewing R. F. Langley, Gael Turnbull and Tom Lowenstein
Ruth O'Callaghan reviewing Louise Glück, Jane Hirshfeld, Kerry Hardie and Marilyn Hacker
Frances Presley reviewing Alice Notley
Fiona Sampson interviewed by Ruth O'Callaghan

Cover artwork by Jeanie Tomanek

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