Poetry Salzburg Review No. 10

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 10 was published in Autumn 2006.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

Arlene Ang | Keith Armstrong | Fred Beake | William Bedford | David Berridge | Sue Butler | Vuyelwa Carlin | Glen Cavaliero | Anthony Chalk | Flavia Cosma | Johan de Wit | William Doreski | Pat Earnshaw | Florence Elon | Margarita Engle | Janice Fixter | Michaela A. Gabriel | Arun Gaur | Salena Godden | Alan Hardy | James Harvey | Lynne Hjelmgaard | Keith Jebb | Philip Jenkins | Daniel King | Wilhelm Klein | Richard Lighthouse | Sheryl Loeffler | Neil McCarthy | James McConalogue | Brian McGettrick | Peter Money | Mark Murphy | Kate Noakes | William Oxley | Mario Petrucci | Yannis A. Phillis | Eléna Rivera | Antony Rowland | Susanna Roxman | Gerald Schwartz | Gavin Selerie | K. V. Skene | Gerard Smyth | Alyson Torns | Francis Turton | Gwilym Williams

Ahmad-Reza Ahmadi (transl. by Parviz & Iraj Omidvar)
Mohammad-Reza Shafi-i-Kadkani (transl. by Parviz & Iraj Omidvar)
Julian Tuwim (transl. by David Malcolm & Agata Miksa)
Ganga Prasad Vimal (transl. by Raj Bisaria & Brenda Walker)
Josef Weinheber (transl. by D. M. de Silva)

Sue Butler reviewing Kim Taplin, Karen Brennan and Brenda Hillman
Klaus Martens on Thomas Lux
Markus Oppolzer reviewing Stevie Krayer
Glyn Pursglove reviewing John Kinsella
Jeffrey Side interviewing Marjorie Perloff
Hsien Min Toh reviewing Harriet Tarlo, Lisa Samuels and Barbara Guest

Cover artwork by Paulo Cavalcante

Susan Woollard on PSR 10 at New Hope International Review On-Line:

"The bulk of the poetry here is original work and, as is often the case in journals, offers a wide variety. Perhaps in the case of Poetry Salzburg Review, the variety is enriched by the geographical spread of the contributors. There is poetry from England, South Africa, Brazil, Romania, India, and many other countries to provide a multi-cultural, multi-national view of the best that poetry has to offer today."

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