Poetry Salzburg Review No. 1

Poetry Salzburg Review No. 1 was published in Spring 2001.
Table of Contents

Editorial (Wolfgang Görtschacher)

Michael Armstrong | James Brockway | Theo Brown | Idris Caffrey | Jeffrey Carson | Colette Connor | Nancy L. Dahl | Mark DeFoe | Gary Duehr | Lisa Fishman | Leah Fritz | Jennifer Hill Kaucher | Nancy Ryan Keeling | Pauline Kirk | Edward Lowbury | Anne MacLeod | Massimo Maggiari | Nicholas Martin | Paul Mazery | Janet McCann | Michael Gregg Michaud | Yogesh G. Nair | Richard O'Connell | Todd James Pierce | Estill Pollock | Susanna Roxman | M. A. Schaffner | M. P. A. Sheaffer | Michael T. Soper | Virgil Suárez | Donald Ward | Ben Wilensky | Zoran Zinzovski

Andrew Duncan on the poetry of Barry MacSweeney
Charles Hobday reviewing A.C. Jacobs's Collected Poems and Selected Translations
Holger Klein on the poetry of Anne MacLeod
Holger Klein on a new version of the Wordsworthian 'Boy'
Yann Lovelock on recent collaborations by Ian Robinson and Ray Seaford
Anne MacLeod reviewing Stewart Conn's Stolen Light
John Muckle reviewing OTHER: British and Irish Poetry since 1970 (eds. Richard Caddel and Peter Quartermain)
Estill Pollock on his new collection Constructing the Human
Jeremy Reed on Michael Armstrong

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