Contributors to Poetry Salzburg Review U

ANANNYA UBEROI was born in Delhi, and now lives in Madrid. She is a poetry editor at The Bookends Review and the winner of the 6th Singapore Poetry Contest. Her work has appeared in Clackamas Literary Review, The Emerson Review, and The New York Public Library Magazine.[PSR 38] SUSAN UTTING's poetry has been published in The Times, TLS, The Forward Book of Poetry, The Poetry Review, and Poems on the Underground. Her prizes and awards include an Arts Council Laureateship, a Poetry Business Prize, The Berkshire Poetry Prize, The Peterloo Prize, and a writing fellowship at Reading's School of English and American Literature. She taught poetry and creative writing at Reading and Oxford Universities for more than 17 years and now works freelance as workshop leader/mentor and poetry performer. Half the Human Race: New & Selected Poems (2017) is her latest publication from Two Rivers Press.[PSR 39]